Bring your construction projects to life

You’ve got a vision, and we have the ability to turn it into reality. From initial consultation services and design, to the final installation, our strategic partnerships and in-house expertise 
mean you’ll experience minimal downtime while preserving the qualities we’re known for. 
Our organization is structured to be nimble, adaptable, and always ready to tackle projects
of all sizes.

Concrete visionaries now leading in construction

Our company started as Gator Concrete, where we established ourselves through complex projects, offering expertise in concrete services, and specializing in concrete restoration, waterproofing, and industrial coatings. Gator’s flexibility and efficiency, combined with our robust partnerships with industry-leading suppliers, have made us a trusted choice for construction and concrete-related needs in Western Canada.

A safer and more efficient way to demo concrete

The Conjet Hydrodemolition robot revolutionizes concrete repair by replacing traditional mechanical methods with high-pressure water jets, enhancing project efficiency and reducing costs. Using this innovative approach eliminates the need for jackhammers or saws, minimizing the risk of damage to existing structures and preserving the integrity of rebar. Hydrodemolition also ensures safer conditions for workers on-site with reduced noise and dust.

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Our commitment to quality, safety, and teamwork

We stand at the forefront of the construction industry, and as a team, we combine our strengths to tackle every challenge that comes our way. Our leadership in this industry comes from our dedication to excellence on every front: an unwavering commitment to outstanding work, a passionate and dedicated team with extensive knowledge, unmatched industry experience, and a well-earned reputation for unwavering safety and reliability in every project we undertake.

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