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Morrison Hershfield


Concrete Restoration | Waterproof Membrane


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Our expertise in multiple areas of concrete played a significant role in Gator being awarded the repairs to this 18-storey residential tower. When originally constructed, the large planters on the front of the building were improperly built.  The planters were overhanging off the building with no structural support underneath and were constructed without proper waterproofing and drainage.  Multiple contractors over the years had tried repairing the planters with little to no success so the decision was made to do a full removal and restoration of the entire front and west side of the Calla building.  After the demolition of existing planters and removal of substrate we also had to remove the stairs.  One of the unique challenges we faced was the temporary bridges to the front of the building and individual apartments so that tenants were able to have safe access throughout construction as every attempt was made to minimize disruptions for the tenants. Excavation was required to an 8 ft depth to allow access for the waterproofing membrane installation on the exterior wall.  Gator then prepared all new subgrade for the planters along with an engineered cantilever off of the main building.  Each planter was approximately 25 ft long X 5 ft Wide X 5 ft high and were rebuilt with proper drainage complete with all new electrical for lighting and a new irrigation system.  New stairs and handrails were installed including waterproofing for all the patios on ground level.  Gator fixed over 1000 linear feet of crack and active water leaking with Kryton crystalline grout.  Our success on this project has provided Gator the opportunity to supply annual maintenance for the parkade.