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Crystalline Grout Waterproofing

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Wastewater Treatment Plant


Krystol T1 Concrete Waterproofing




Projects requiring protection against ingress of water and waterborne chemicals are achieved through the application of specific chemicals and leak proofing systems. Gator starts by removing any unsound concrete, including failed grout, and repairing the surface. Following initial repairs, the surface is prepped for application of products such as Kryton Krystol T1 Leak Repair System. When properly applied by a trained installer like Gator, the crystalline grout creates an active system that will react with water and un-hydrated cement that act to create an impermeable substrate. Application of this product is also a key element to new builds such as the new concrete tanks for the City of Calgary Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion. By properly prepping the fresh concrete surface by grinding and pressure washing, a spray application of crystalline grout was applied as a waterproof barrier for the concrete in the channels and tanks.