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Ucrete Floor Coating System


Food and Beverage Processing Plant


Ucrete DP Floor Coating System
Ucrete RG coating System



Gator works in multiple sectors and is sensitive to the needs of each. One such sector is the food and beverage industry. These plants require a high standard of cleanliness and CFIA approved products. By using microbe/bio-etch cleaners Gator is able to clean existing concrete surfaces of all contaminants prior to beginning the prep process. Gator’s wide collection of concrete surface preparation machinery allows us to adapt our preparation process to successfully achieve the removal of existing flooring and provide above industry standard surface preparation prior to coating installation.  Any mechanical grinding/preparation is done using specialized dustless equipment to prevent unnecessary airborne contaminants. Executing any needed repairs on existing concrete is critical and Gator guarantees all repairs are accomplished before proceeding with the flooring system install. The final step in this process is then to apply a high quality, durable coating system which meets the clients particular requirements and budget to extend the life of the concrete and make cleaning easier and more efficient. Gator provided multiple shifts to maintain 24hr/day production to complete the work over a weekend to minimize impact to the plant operations.