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AB Plumbing


Slab Trenching Systems
Polyurethane Coating



Food and Beverage Processing Plant


Ucrete DP
Ucrete RG
Master Emaco 1060


As part of an expansion, new drains at this Calgary bakery were needed.  Gator cut and removed the concrete in three locations preparing the area for the new drains and piping.  After the new drains were installed, Gator doweled reinforcement and filled the trenches with concrete.  Once the concrete had sufficiently cured, the surface was mechanically prepared with dustless floor grinders to provide an ideal bonding surface for the polyurethane coating.  Areas which required deep fill were patched with MasterEmaco 1060 and cracks were routed out and filled with Ucrete crack filler.  The Ucrete DP base coat was installed ¼” thick with a solid quartz broadcast into the coating to provide slip resistance.