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Alberta Culture and Tourism


Structural Stabilization and Repairs


National and Provincial Historic Site


Sikatop Armatec 110 Epocem
MG-Krete Repair Mortar



The structural stabilization and repairs of the Brooks Aqueduct, both a National and Provincial Historic site, remains to be one of the most unique of Gator’s Projects.  A number of years ago a roughly 500 m section of the Brooks Aqueduct was removed to build a road for the canal.  In doing so a large piece of concrete had struck a column and caused severe damage which was never repaired.  Gator installed 30 ft screw piles into the ground for support of new galvanized steel columns to support the weight of the aqueduct.  Repairs were made to multiple columns throughout the aqueduct including new pile caps and raker beams.  Gator also installed new fencing around a number of sections of the aqueduct. We were able to complete this work with minimal disruption to the existing marshlands and brought back life to a part of this historic landmark.